Health Benefits of Oiling Your Belly Button Daily

health Benefits of Oiling Your Belly Button

Benefits of Oiling Your Belly Button. Oiling or massaging your body (and the hair) is considered a traditional remedy that we have seen our parents and grandparents practice and talk about. Oiling has a lot more benefits to offer apart from nourishment. The belly button is not just a tiny dot on your navel but it is a chamber that holds the solution to many health problems.

Benefits of Oiling Your Belly Button

Benefits of Oiling Your Belly Button 1

Benefits of Oiling Your Belly Button 2

Benefits of Oiling Your Belly Button 3

Benefits of Oiling Your Belly Button 4

Benefits of Oiling Your Belly Button 5

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The belly button is connected to multiple veins in the body and when it is nourished using oil, it helps you get rid of certain health problems too. Whatever oil or carrier you choose- be it coconut, mustard, or rosemary, it will be useful for you!

Does it have any health benefits?

Scientifically, this method is known as ‘The Pechoti method’. According to traditional science, absorbing essential oils and scents through the belly button, which is said to be connected to a special ‘Pechoti’ gland in the body can correct, heal and balance nervous connections present in the body. Even though there is no clinical evidence to support the workings of the same, traditionally, therapeutic massages are said to do wonders for the body.

We tell you here the good health benefits of oiling your belly button regularly. Yes, you read that right!

Removes dirt:

We don’t always pay attention to the belly button, do we? When you clean the belly button, it gets rid of the germs and dirt gathering around and keeps the stomach and navel area free from any possible problems.

Improves purity and complexion:

If you want a glowing face and better skin texture, massaging and regularly oiling your belly button should be on your to-do list. Oiling your belly button can purify your blood, and remove impurities and blemishes from the body. Using therapeutic oils like neem oil, rosehip oil, coconut oil or lemon essential oil can do the trick.

Gets rid of daily infections:

When you don’t clean the belly button, it can make you vulnerable to infections on the inside and the outside. Oils can be a good option to treat infections and kill germs naturally. Using oils like mustard or tea tree not just kills the bacteria but also prevents them from coming back.

Treats an upset stomach:

If you have been troubled by an upset stomach, bloating, or nausea, try to apply a mixture of mustard oil and ginger to your belly button. This is a very good way to relieve the uneasiness and digestive troubles you might be facing.

Lessens menstrual pain:

There is no one good way to get rid of menstrual cramps but massaging a little oil on your belly button can help big time and lessen the pain. Doing this not only relaxes the veins around your uterine lining but also rejuvenates the body.

Improves fertility:

It is said that the belly button is the connection between the mother and the baby. Adding oils and massaging the belly button can improve fertility in both men and women. Oiling also helps with menstrual problems and improves sperm count. times of India

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