Gilti Ka Ilaj in Urdu: Gilti Ki Wajah aur Gharelu Desi Ilaj, Alamat Ke Sath


Gilti Ka Ilaj in Urdu

Summary: گلٹیوں کا علاج : Gilti Ka Ilaj, Uterus Ki Rasoli Kion Hoti Hai? Cancer Wali Gilti Ki Alamat Kia Hai? Breast Ya Chati Ki Gilti, Neck Ki Gilti, Raham Ki Rasoli Ya Gilti Ka Asan Desi Ilaj. Gilti Ki Waja Aur Alamat Kia Hai? Ap Ke in Tamam Sawalo Ka Jawab Neechy Diay Gai Is Urdu Article Main Hai. Gilti in English known as Lipoma.


Gilti Ki Wajah

Jismani gilti jin ko rasoli bhi kehti hain. Cancer wali gilti ki alamat. Neechy diay gai article main Gilti ki waja aur alamat ka mukammal jaiza lia gia hai.



Gilti Ka Gharelu Ilaj

Jisam main mojood har kisam ki gilti ka gharelu ilaj. Is Home remedy main istamal hony wali tamam ingredients natural hain aur kisi bhi cheez ka koi nuqsan nahi hai.


Gilti Ka Ilaj in Urdu (Gharelu Desi Ilaj 2)

Here are more home remedies for Gilti ka Ilaj in Urdu. These are the desi gharelu ingredients without any side effects.


Gilti Ka Desi Ilaj Urdu Youtube by Dr Sharafat Ali

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Summary:Gilti” is a common term used in Urdu to refer to a lump or small growth that can form under the skin, often used to describe a lipoma. “Gilti ki wajah” refers to the causes or reasons behind the formation of a lump or lipoma. There are several factors that can contribute to the development of a lipoma, including genetics, age, and lifestyle factors such as obesity. Keep reading for more information in English.

Gilti in English: What are Lipoma, Causes, and Symptoms

Have you ever noticed a small lump or bump under your skin? If so, it could be a lipoma (Gilti in Urdu). Lipomas are non-cancerous growths of fatty tissue that can develop anywhere on the body, including the breast and neck.

Causes of Lipomas:

The exact cause of lipomas is unknown. However, they are thought to develop when fat cells multiply faster than normal. They can be hereditary, and certain medical conditions such as adiposis dolorosa and Gardner syndrome can also increase the risk of developing lipomas.

Known Symptoms:

Lipomas are typically small, soft, and moveable. They can range in size from a few millimeters to several centimeters. They are usually painless, but if they grow large enough, they can put pressure on the surrounding nerves and cause discomfort.

In rare cases, lipomas may become cancerous. If you notice rapid growth, hardening, or changes in the color of the skin over a lipoma, it’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Treatment Options:

In most cases, lipomas are harmless and don’t require treatment. However, if they are causing discomfort or affecting your appearance, your doctor may recommend surgical removal. Liposuction and steroid injections are also possible treatment options.

Lipoma in Breast:

Lipomas can occur in the breast, and they are usually benign. They can develop in breast tissue or in the fatty tissue around the breast. In some cases, a lipoma in the breast can be mistaken for a malignant tumor, If you notice any breast lumps, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Lipomas on the Neck:

Lipomas can also occur on the neck, and they are usually harmless. They can develop in the fatty tissue under the skin or in the muscles. In some cases, a lipoma on the neck can cause discomfort or affect your appearance, in which case your doctor may recommend removal.

In conclusion, lipomas are non-cancerous growths of fatty tissue that can occur anywhere on the body, including the breast and neck. They are typically harmless and don’t require treatment, but if they are causing discomfort or affecting your appearance, surgical removal, liposuction, or steroid injections may be recommended. If you notice any changes in a lipoma, it’s wise to see a doctor to rule out the possibility of cancer.

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