Constipation Causes, Immediate Relief with Home Remedies


Constipation Causes, Immediate Relief with Home Remedies

Constipation refers to the digestive state of inefficiently passing stools due to hardened feces. It is usually when three or less than three stools are passed during a week. Normally, every person’s digestive system varies, and the basal metabolic rate is different as well.

Some individuals’ digestive tracts work faster while others have slower digestion rates. Constipation is not serious if it occurs occasionally, but if any person has recurrent or chronic constipation, it might lead to unwanted complications or may even be a sign of an underlying disease.

Constipation Causes:

There are multiple causes of constipation.

Unbalanced Diet:

The most common cause of constipation is an unbalanced diet, especially one which is made upon low fiber content. Fiber is naturally found in all kinds of fruits and vegetables and in other sources like cereals and bread. Eating too much dairy is also linked to causing constipation.

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Low Water intake:

Due to low water content in your diet, the stool hardens up, making it difficult to evacuate the bowels. Water makes up around 70% of your body weight and is necessary for all vital metabolic functions. An adult should consume around 2-3 Liters of water per day, at least.

Lack of exercise or physical activity:

An inactive lifestyle, where there is more of sitting and lying down and less of walking or working out, constipation is bound to develop. Ac active lifestyle keeps all the body’s systems actively running and promotes healthy digestion.

Resisting the Urge to Pass Stool:

Sometimes, you are unable to find the time or a decent place to pass stool. For this reason, people tend to resist their urge to pass stool and this increases stool buildup and increased water absorption from the feces, making it harder. The harder the stool, the more difficult it becomes to pass.

Depression or Anxiety:

Any person with mental illnesses like depression or anxiety problems tends to have constipation more frequently. The mind’s health state has a very important impact on the body’s systems.

Side Effects of Medications:

Some people might be prescribed medicines like anti-depressants or narcotics, or even iron and calcium supplements. These have side effects like constipation.

Underlying Medical conditions:

Constipation is also a sign of underlying medical diseases. These diseases or conditions include stroke, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulosis, hypothyroidism, Parkinson’s disease, colon cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Constipation Treatment:

Acute constipation can be treated by several home remedies and by making certain changes in your diet and lifestyle.

  • Increase your daily water intake.
  • Eat high-fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables, cereals.
  • Incorporate caffeine into your diet – tea or coffee.
  • Workout, walk or exercise more during the day. Change your sedentary lifestyle into an active one.
  • Limit the consumption of dairy products in your diet.
  • Do not ignore your bowel urgencies.
  • Over the counter, laxatives can be taken. Specific syrups and tablets are prescribed for constipation too. It’s best to visit a doctor before starting any medicine on your own.
  • Ginger juice and Ispaghol Husk are commonly used home remedies for constipation.


If your constipation gets relieved easily, changes in diet and lifestyle can help you avoid the condition in the future. However, if your constipation is chronic and occurs a lot more frequently, set an appointment and visit the doctor, as it may be a serious problem.