Best Skin Whitening Treatment at Home – Get Rid of Wrinkles and Dark Spots

Skin Whitening Treatment

Every person is born with their genetic makeup of features and that includes his or her skin color too. According to old myths and societal pressures due to discrimination, the ideal human being should have fair skin. This is absurd on a hundred levels because every person is not born fair, but instead, they could be of any skin color, from tan to brown and even black.

Thankfully to evolving common sense and humanity, people have stopped cultivating the “fair is pretty” agenda and have started accepting that all skin colors are beautiful. In earlier days, “bleaching” was the gold standard skin whitening treatment, which was the most harmful product one could apply to their delicate skins.

Nowadays, the common notion is, that skin whitening is not the solution, but skin lightening is. People may have hyperpigmentation or dark spots or even melasma. They even have the uneven facial skin tone, and these are the features which should be focused upon and corrected by skin lightening. Some methods of skin lightening include:

Skin Whitening Serums:

Such serums are formulated with herbal extracts and multiple other beneficial ingredients, which combined, help with brightening the skin, removing dullness or dark spots while making the skin tone more even. They can be easily added in your daily skin care routine as they have excellent long-term effects.


Dermabrasion is an advanced technique of removing multiple outer skin layers using a rotating instrument, which is performed by a licensed cosmologist or dermatologist. It removes the dead skin along with a few more layers to give way to the regeneration of new skin. This method is used to get rid of acne scars, dark spots, aging wrinkles, etc. The result is that of smoother and clearer skin.


This procedure is similar to dermabrasion but less extensive as only the damaged and dead skin cells are removed rather than multiple layers of the skin. It helps in getting rid of those rigid dark spots, leaving a more even skin tone.


Retinol or Vitamin A is highly beneficial for skin treatments. Its main purpose is of skin regeneration and rejuvenation. It works by stimulating regenerative cells to produce new, undamaged skin cells. It also stimulates collage synthesis which helps improve skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles.

Vitamin – C:

Vitamin C is another such vitamin which helps in clearing up the skin. Its also known as ascorbic acid and it is a superior alternative to highly damaging bleaching agents. Using vitamin C, either in the form of tablets or as ointments will leave your skin feeling more elastic and firmer, all the while giving a bright and radiant look.

Your skin is the first thing anybody will notice about you and the better you take care of it, the more you will improve its longevity. Love the skin color you were born in and do not turn to fads for skin whitening because being white or fair to just be pretty is a huge misconception. What you really need to work on is your skin texture and feel, and by maintaining healthy skin, you will be more radiant and beautiful than ever.

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