Premature Graying of Hair Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options


Grey hair could be a fashion choice, or an unwanted problem, depending on individualistic perceptions. Some people like to bleach their hair and get rid of their natural hair color to get white or grey hair in order to follow fashion trends, while others are naturally forced to be victims of premature hair greying. There are many causes of premature greying of hair. These causes include:

Vitamin Deficiencies: Deficiencies of vitamins such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, and vitamin B6 can lead to premature hair greying.

Smoking: Tobacco smoke is directly linked to hair greying in the younger generation. The chemicals generated via smoking are toxic to hair follicles, causing their weakening as well.

Genetics: Some people have very strong genetics for early hair greying, which is basically inevitable.

Oxidative Stress: Free radicals produced in the body due to oxidative stress can lead to damage to cells, like hair follicles. This could make hair prematurely grey or white.

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Sinusitis: Infection or inflammation of the sinuses, leading to chronic sinusitis, also has an effect of hair greying.

Certain medical conditions: Many autoimmune medical conditions such as thyroid problem, can lead to hair greying too.

Excessive chemical use: The use of excessive chemicals on your hair can cause severe damage to your hair, making it brittle and white. These chemicals include hair dyes, bleach, hair products, etc.

How to Get Rid of Grey Hair Naturally?

There are many ways to prevent or treat premature hair greying, especially by changing your lifestyle. These include actions like eating more antioxidant foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, herbal products, vitamin supplements, etc. These tend to reduce the oxidative stress on your body. The vitamin supplements will cover any vitamin deficiencies your body may have.

Another huge beneficial change would be to quit smoking. Either by joining support groups, finding alternatives or getting professional medical help, quitting smoking can seriously help abundantly with improving your health and preventing such irreversible bad effects like greying hair prematurely.

Instead of using damaging, chemical-laden hair products, it is better to avoid such harmful agents on your natural hair. Avoid bleach and chemical sprays which are made for your hair because they contain unhealthy ingredients. Natural oils and color extracts could be used instead for better, healthier, stronger and more beautiful hair.

If you have any medical conditions, like chronic sinusitis or thyroid problems, addressing these conditions would be a wise decision. Go to your general physician and get the appropriate medical treatment required to control or cure your disease or condition.

In case the damage is done and you have stuck with a head full or white or grey hair, which do not look good and make you terribly unhappy, you could always resort to regularly dyeing your hair and your roots in order to have a single, even color of hair on your head. It does seem like a lot of work, but it isn’t because it hardly takes twenty minutes and once you remove the hair dye, your hair will be an even layer of color, according to the hair dye you chose.

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