Skin Care Routine: Best Tips to Have Clear and Flawless Skin

Skin Care Routine

Our skin is the largest organ of the human body which acts as a protective shield between our inner organs and the outside, exposed world. Genetics may be partly responsible for your skin’s type and condition, but you are the main caretaker of your skin.

It is extremely vital to treat your skin well, keep it well nourished and moisturized, and improve its freshness and longevity. An ideal way to do so is by following a dedicated skin care routine. Every skin care routine should consist of the following few essentials:

Everybody wants beautiful, soft and whitening skin. So if you also want this, you have to adopt this daily skincare routine.


Every skin care routine should include facial cleanser. The purpose of a cleanser is to remove any impurities, dirt, dead skin cells, leftover makeup residue, and even germs. Using a cleanser makes your skin more breathable and fresh-looking. Usually, cleansers are used once or twice a day, depending on your personal preference.


Daily weather changes, the harsh water on your skin during a shower, and even the genetics can somewhat leave you with dull looking or dehydrated and dry skin. It is ideal to keep your skin adequately moisturized during the day.

This helps keep the hydration in and boosts the overall look and feel of your skin. People have three types of skin – oily, dry or combination. It is extremely important to find a moisturizer which best suits your skin type or else you may end up with unwanted breakouts.


The process of exfoliating your skin is another beneficial and impressive way to take care of your skin. An exfoliant is stronger than a cleanser and deeply penetrates and cleans your pores and skin cells.

It gets rid of excess oiliness and dirt buildup on your skin. It evens your skin tone, all the while making it smoother and softer. As exfoliants can be harsh on your skin, these are best used once a week for good results.


The skin under your eyes is the most delicate compared to elsewhere. This causes its early thinning and wrinkling, leading to early aging. After a certain age, like 26 or so, one should start taking care of their under-eye regions.

Investing in a suitable and high-quality eye cream is crucial. Not only will it help you prevent the effects of early aging, but also boost your skin by removing the dullness and brightening the areas. It even decreases and under-eye sagging or puffiness.


Sunscreens are one of the most underrated skin care products as people do not realize how damaging and harmful Ultraviolet rays from the Sun can be. According to multiple studies, daily sun exposure can destroy the skin’s collagen, leading to decreased elasticity of the skin. This, in turn, causes wrinkles and ageing. Using a sunscreen daily can prevent such deteriorating effects from occurring prematurely.

Final Thoughts:

All of these are the essentials which should be included in every person’s skincare routine. There are other products, such as serums, oils, facial masks, etc. However, every person has a variable skin type, which even changes with the weather.

Finding the most appropriate and affordable skin care products for yourself might be a little difficult at first, but will pay off once you have beautiful, timeless skin as you age gracefully without serious signs of aging. Hence, always invest in high-end skin care, because taking care of your skin is going to be beneficial in the long run.

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